Costume design for ‘Svarta Revolutionärer Faller Inte Från Månen’ (Black Revolutionaries Do Not Drop From The Moon) a theater play at Teater Tribunalen, inspired by the autobiography of Assata Shakur. An art performance about rootlessness and political activism and practice. About different political approaches and strategies. About how one is shaped by their experiences and how patterns can be reproduced or broken. About how to organize politically and how difficult it is.

Director: Ellen Nyman
Text editing: Åsa Lindholm, Emma Palmkvist, Maja Björkquist, Ellen Nyman, Francine Agbodjalou, Kudzai Chimbaira, Miranda Stenberg
Scenography & Light: Anton Andersson och
Daniel Andersson
Costume Design: MyNa Do and Farah Yusuf/Mahoyo
Sound Designer: Jonatan Eklund
Illustration: Steffi Aluoch
Graphic Design: Henrik Dahl
Assistant Director: Miranda Stenberg
Stage Manager: Moa Deurell
Photography: Mahoyo

Actors: Kudzai Chimbaira and Francine Agbodjalou

Link: Teater Tribunalen

Assata Pressbilder 1

Assata Pressbilder 2

Assata Pressbilder 3

Assata Pressbilder 4

Photography: Mahoyo

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