Finely-tuned expression meets raw talent in the duet HOLD. With roots in the aesthetics of hiphop, it explores mankind’s need to create context and a longing for closeness and intimacy.

HOLD is based on hiphop’s improvisational core. With a major focus on responsiveness and communication, the performance seeks an expression and language beyond norms and stereotypes.

Concept and direction: Erik Linghede
Assistant director: Emelie Enlund
Dancers: Anton Borgström & Robin Sundberg
Music: Markus B. Almqvist (performance score)
Ane Brun – Oh Love (trailer soundtrack)
Styling: Farah Yusuf, Mahoyo (
Director of photography: Maceo Frost
Editing: Erik Linghede
Producer: Lovisa Thurfjell
Special thanks to: Toffer Billebo


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